Line IV - Formation

This continues the Programa Interdisciplinar de Políticas Públicas e Gestão Local (Inter- disciplinary Program of Public Policies and Local Administration): a training program for social agents and municipal advisors, with yearly courses on Public Policies for Municipal Advisors as well as courses on the City Statute for municipal advisors (governmental and non-governmental), community leaders and governmental technicians. Planned within the framework of the 1999 program Observatory of Metropolises, the course takes places in different Brazilian towns every year in cooperation with non-governmental organizations and universities. The course is meant to train local agents― both governmental and non-governmental ― working in public spheres of social participation such as municipal boards, processes of participative budgeting, municipal forums and networks to advise them on the elaboration, evaluation and implementation of public policies to face social inequalities at the local level. In this way, starting from a nationally developed methodology, it is possible to teach courses which will provide participants with a body of concepts, methods and techniques developed for (i) the identification of problems of public policies (ii) use of instruments of social control and monitoring of public policies; (iii); understanding of the dynamics and working of municipal budgets and (iv) the administration of political processes of conflict, demand and negotiation which make possible the adoption of policies committed to the ideals of the universalization of rights, of human justice and of democratic participation. Four such programs will take place every year in the Baixada Fluminense, Recife, Belo Horizonte and Belém, with a total of 12 courses, involving 900 participants.

Strengthening of the Observatories of Belém (Pará), Fortaleza (Ceará), Curitiba (Paraná) and Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul), articulating academic centers and non-governmental organizations around the work program do the Millennium project.

In this connection, based on the experience accumulated by some nuclei, and, especially, on the specific knowledge of FASE, the Observatory of Metropolises is going to support the creation the Escola de Práticas Urbanas (School of Urban Practices) which are already included in the plans of the Curitiba, Goiânia, Recife, Belém and Maringá nuclei, responding to local demands for the training and qualification of managers and social movements. We are concerned that such initiatives, using information and knowledge generated by each team on the respective local metropolitan realities, may increase local agents´ capabilities for mobilizing the application of democratic administration in the cities and for demanding the right to the city to strengthen the institutional development of metropolitan areas.

Participation in the National Forum for Urban Reform and for the National Front of Environmental Sanitation, through the participation of FASE in the executive coordination of these national articulations. The Observatory Program has been contributing to the national discussion of metropolitan problems, subsidizing the action of national agents in those spaces. In this connection, the project anticipates the publication of the analyses and of the conclusions of the research for articulations with the ONGs, popular movements of a national character, syndicates and class associations. Two analyses will be produced about yearly urban policies for the two forums, involving 25 national organizations.

Articulation between the Observatory Capacitation Program and the City Capacitation Programs, which is being developed in the Ministério das Cidades, with the presence of social organizations connected with the Observatory of Metropolises network in the Conselho das Cidades.

The continuation of online training courses for researches in the area of methodologies of the social analysis of space and the evaluation of public policies. A yearly workshop will take place involving 100 researchers.

Head of the research team: Prof. Orlando Alves dos Santos Junior – FASE

Research team: Prof. Marinella Machado Araújo - PUC Minas; Prof. Lena Godinho – PUC Minas; Prof. Naiane Loureiro - PUC Minas and Belo Horizonte Nucleus Dr. João Gomes – FASE/Amazônia; Ms. Lívia Miranda – FASE/Pernambuco; Ms. Mauro dos Santos – FASE/RJ; Prof. Jan Bitoun – UFPE; Prof. José Antônio Peres Gediel - UFPR; Prof. Aldebaran do Socorro Farias de Moura - UFPA; Prof. Pedro Célio Alves Borges - UFG and Prof. Adão Francisco de Oliveira Goiânia – UEG.

O laboratório da Coordenação Nacional da Rede INCT Observatório das Metrópoles está temporariamente fechado, por conta do incêndio ocorrido, no começo de outubro, no Prédio da Reitoria da UFRJ.

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